Process Engineer


Floor 12A, Plaschem Tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam






At least 3 years


Male/ Female


Chemical, Petrolium, Mechanical and/or Automation control




. Create & deliver process engineering, work in process or continuous-flow manufacturing according to a set of engineering criteria approved, which turns sources of material, facilities into a product is industrial construction project, industrial factory.
. Design, implement, control and optimize working processes and equipment, machineries, infrastructure facilities for manufacturing factory projects, industrial construction; monitor implementation and provide strategic oversight of the processes to higher Managers.


1. Implementation of internal working rule:
– Obey the company internal working rule, working time, professional working style/attitude/manner and contribute to business cultures.
– Complying with the code of professional ethics, honesty, decisiveness, carefulness, and a sense of law observance.
2. Job mission
– Research, design and develop a continuous manufacturing process along with the layout and equipment for a factory project, project implementation process for 1 construction project; includes creating, setting specification developing, implementing and monitoring this equipment.
– Commissioning and qualification of the new factory, new construction work
– Modify and optimize equipment and processes that are already in place.
– Managing cost and time constraints
– Build documents and ensuring compliance with both internal and external protocols and regulations
– Oversight of the working process and equipment to maintain and optimize production lines or the continuous manufacturing process.
– Support technician to troubleshoot in case of any occurs
– Calculate, prepare plan/specifications of equipment, machineries, facilities and arrange execution of installation, assembling.
– Do risk assessment of equipment, process being used, included Health-Safety-Environment factor
– Consider continuously equipment and process to ensure about effectiveness and quality of product
– Be in charge of projected cost allocation reasonably.
– Collecting data, writing reports, and presenting findings to relevant parties and to VGD.
– Other works as assigned and managed by Vice General Director


– Qualified to technical requirements from VGD.
– Fulfill the assigned works as due time and satisfied the higher leader’s requirement
– Coordinate, share, corporate partners, departments in job respect.


• Engineering degree in chemical, petroleum, mechanical and/or automation control
• Interpret technical drawings – especially piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
• Project management – have to ability to manage manpower, budgets and complex projects and bring them to completion on time and on budget
• Spatial reasoning – the ability to see a two or three-dimensional object and then mentally manipulate it
• Critical/logical thinking – have to locate problems, and then think of those problems from a variety of perspectives to assess the best solution
• Excellent communication skills – working with people across the manufacturing process, they have to be able to manage people well and communicate new ideas effectively
• Calm under pressure – must be able to troubleshoot at an advanced level. If a problem is delaying manufacturing, it must be able to come up with effective working solutions quickly
• Commercial awareness – usually working within strict time and budgetary constraints
• Excellent computer skills – uses include simulation software, design software and reporting
• Analytical skills – responsible for analysis and interpretation of data into charts, diagrams, and reports
• Negotiation skills – vital if charged with budgetary or schedule management


– Working place: Hanoi office, 12th Plaschem tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu, Gia Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi
– Working time: 8h – 17h, Monday to Friday (Saturday online working, Sunday)
– Negotiable salary, compulsory insurances after probation, 13th monthly salary bonus, gifts on national holidays, 12 annual leave days/year, 5 national holidays/11 days + summer holiday, health examination, accident insurance 24/24h
– Working facility with laptop, safety & hygiene facilities.

CRE Vietnam Technology Company Limited

Human Resources & General Affairs Department


Floor 12A, Plaschem Tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

HOTLINE: 024 6663 6840

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