Secretary For BOD


Floor 12A, Plaschem Tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam






At least 1 years


Male/ Female


Economic, Foreign affairs, Foreign trade, Marketing, Biz administration, International economic laws, General affair, Administrative secretary




– Be connector among Company management board and every functional department; arrange and remind working schedule for Board of Directors; coordinate, support organizing work session that General Director/Vice General Director participating in;
– To be on behalf of General Director/ Vice General Director to handle daily work according to scope of the authorization;


1. Implementation of internal working rule

– Obey the company internal working rule, working time, professional working style/attitude/manner and contribute to business cultures.
– Complying with the code of professional ethics, honesty, decisiveness, carefulness, and a sense of law observance.
2. Job mission

– Arrange working schedule, meeting schedule; perform preparation before working session for General Director/Vice General Director.
– Coordinate, support the organization work such as compiling invitation, manpower arrangement, summarize report, documents for the working session, meeting or event that General Director/Vice General Director take part in.
– Deliver request, information of General Director/Vice General Director to the functional department in implementing the target, plan, policy as scope of nomination by General Director/Vice General Director; collect, summary information to report about implementation.
– Perform secretary work for meetings and prepare internal writings.
– Assist General Director/Vice General Director to review documents, writings from all departments before approval.
– Prepare, arrange service and physical facilities (foods, transportation, accommodation and other services) for business trip schedule, working with client, business partner.
– Perform the company payment procedure, payment documents for the BOD’s expenditure.
– Follow-up and do necessary work applicable to the personal document of BOD such as visa, work permit, temporary resident car, temporary resident registration, individual certificates…
– Perform the works under the request of the General Director/Vice General Director and be ready for any arising works relevant.
– Prepare for participating in the department meeting at the request of the General Director/Vice General Director.


– Report of daily work to Vice General Director and General Director (as requested)
– Report of business activity results to the General Director/Vice General Director and Member’ Council.


– Resolve situational tasks fastly, neatly satisfied to the requirement from General Director/Vice General Director.
– Capture the overview of the business status of the company and report to the General Director/Vice General Director.
– Coordinate, sharing and support well others in work
– Manage documents full, logically, accurately
– Ensure work information security for the General Director/Vice General Director.


– University degree in subject of economics, foreign affairs, foreign trade, marketing, biz administration, international economic laws, general affair, administrative secretary.
– Experience working in the position of Assistant, General Secretary for General Director of enterprise operating in construction field, EPC contractor, FDI organization; special priority to having acknowledgement of civil economic, finance field, construction project management.
– Excellent communicate in English (required), priority to Korean language
– Work managing/organizing/scheduling skill; office computer skill, document control skill; active and dynamic personal communication skill; multitask working ability
– Fast writing record, good memory, logical mindset; text editing, set-up and store document with scientific methodV.


– Work place: Hanoi office at 12th FL Plaschem tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu, Gia Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi
– Working time: 8h ~ 17h00, Monday to Friday (off Saturday, Sunday)
– Salary negotiable
– Compulsory insurances, 13th month bonus, gift on all national holiday, 12 annual leave days/year, 5 holidays/year + summer holiday, annual health examination, accident insurance 24/24
– Working facility: laptop and others as work requires

CRE Vietnam Technology Company Limited

Human Resources & General Affairs Department


Floor 12A, Plaschem Tower, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Gia Thuy Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

HOTLINE: 024 6663 6840

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