3 5 k V T r a n s m i s s i o n L i n e


35kV Transmission Line

  • Investor : Green Star Environment Company Limited (Vietnam)
    Chosun Refractories ENG Company Limited (Republic of Korea)

  • Time of completion : 4th quarter of 2021

  • Location : Que Vo, Bac Ninh

Connect the plant to national grid

Construction project of Complex of municipal and industrial waste treatment to energy plant in Phu Lang commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh province has been approved by the Prime Minister to be added to the revised Power Development Planning VII in Official Dispatch No. 934/TTg-CN dated 18/07/2020. In order to connect Que Vo Waste to Energy plant to the national power grid, CRE Vietnam has constructed items of 35kV Substation and Transmission Line, the starting point is 35kV busbar of newly built 35kV Substation and the end point is the 35kV busbar at 110/35/22kV Que Vo 2 Substation. Besides being used directly for the plant, the amount of electricity produced will be added to the power supply for the industrial and residential loads in Que Vo district and surrounding areas. This is a renewable energy source from waste treatment, in line with the trend of environmental protection and sustainable development. 

Project Overview

The project is divided into two items: Substation and 35kV Transmission Line connecting the plant to the national grid.

1. 35kV Transmission Line

  •  Starting point: 35kV busbar of newly built 35kV substation
  •  End point: 35kV busbar at station 110/35/22kV Que Vo 2
  •  Voltage level: 35 kV – Number of circuits: 01 circuit
  •  Whole line length: 5.514km (including 2.53km overhead and 2.984km underground)

2. Substation

  •  01 6.6/38.5 kV – 7.6MVA transformer located at the transformer room, 1st floor of the Turbine house
  •  01 transformer cabinet 
  •  Measuring cabinet (fuse)
  •  01 feeder cabinet (switched with isolators)
  •  The transformer’s 35kV power cable to the main cabinet

CRE VietNam


35kV Transmission Line