Inheriting the experience and technology from Chosun Refractories Eng Co., Ltd, Korea, CRE Vietnam is a pioneer in the field of waste to energy facility engineering. Our technological solutions put incinerator efficiency, equipment durability and air pollution prevention first. Our engineering bases on the waste characteristics of each locality, utilizes waste to create green energy, and strictly complies with regulations on environmental protection to ensure the Sustainable Development Goal.

why choose us

Waste to Energy offers new solutions for producing environmentally friendly energy at a profit, while simultaneously reducing landfilling. Instead of dumping all kinds of waste to landfill, waste incineration for power generation also reduces the negative effects of this method, which are methane emissions, sanitary issues and leachate, odour problems.

With our experience and comprehensive services, our solution will come all in a compact, efficient, and optimised layout with eco-friendly attitudes and reasonable operating expense.

Compact Design

Our facilities come in compact size and fit into limited spaces.

Optimal performance

We help you to find the right capacity, correct particle size, optimum sorting equipment, and possible additional processes, all in a compact, efficient, and optimised layout.

Low Operating Cost

One of the leading technologies at a competitive price.

Environmental protection

All facilities comply with environmental requirements as well as long-term stable operation.


1. Rotary kiln

The incinerator is designed with the combustion temperature up to 1800°F-2000°F (982°C – 1093°C), to ensure optimal combustion, absolutely not to produce odorous gases (> 1500°F ≈ 820°C) and toxic gases such as Dioxin (> 850°C) but the furnace shell system is still safe.

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2. Stoker

The combination of rotary kiln and stoker ensures that the waste is comletely burned, and the ash is minimized

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Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
A valuable alternative approach to improving overall energy efficiency is to capture and reuse the lost or “waste heat” that is intrinsic to all industrial manufacturing. Captured an reused waste heat is an emission-free substitute for costly purchased fuels or electricity

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4. Turbine

Turbine is designed in the form of a condensing turbine with extraction of steam with one intake of steam for degassing tank. The generator turbine will be able to use the entire amount of steam gennerated by the biilers under MCR operation mode.

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5. Flue gas TREATMENT

The flue gas treatment system includes dry treatment system, activated carbon treatment, lime slurry and dust bag filter to treat hazardous gas and dust generated from waste combustion.

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